Varta Batteries

Varta batteries are engineered according to stringent European and German Standards and are available to cater to all ranges of power requirements. The batteries utilize patented PowerFrame Grid technology to provide reliable, long-lasting power and fast recharges while remaining free from any corrosive effects. PowerFrame Grid Technology means that Varta batteries are 66 per cent more durable while they have 70 per cent better electrical flow than other grid designs.

Varta batteries are also recyclable and produced utilizing an energy-efficient method. Methods used to manufacture Varta batteries cause 20 per cent fewer greenhouse gasses and consume 20 per cent less power as compared to other less efficient manufacturing methods. 

 The Blue Dynamic Range is efficient, long-lasting and provides up to 25 percent more starting power than the batteries in the Black Range.  

For equipment with a higher power requirement, the Dynamic Silver Enhanced Flooded Batteries, Silver Dynamic Absorbent Glass Matt Batteries and Enhanced Flooded Batteries are also available.



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