These Terms and Conditions govern the use of our website and placing of orders. These Terms and Conditions are legally binding, and you agree with them when and as you visit this website. As an entity, we have the legal right to amend these Terms from time to time, which will be effective immediately. If you don’t abide by these Terms and Conditions, you should terminate the use of our website. 

Ordering a Contract

You can also order our products either online through our website, and/or by visiting our physical store in 28 Sin Ming Lane #01-140/141 Midview City Singapore 573972.  If you order in our physical store, your complete and necessary information will be taken by a company representative. If you place an online order, a form will open, which you'll have to fill. By submitting the order and filling out the form, you agree to purchase the product for its intended purpose, and we will only be responsible for it if it is used for the intended purpose only.


Price Goods

The price of our products depends on the manufacturing cost and the sales tax. The sales tax will be mentioned on the invoice that you will be sent. The prices of the product are also stated on the website as well as in our physical stores. 

The tax is determined by the government. Delivery costs, if applicable, are also included in the invoice. 



We offer the following delivery options: delivering the goods to a specified address in the order, delivering the battery and tyre to one of our listed fitting stations, or shipment of the rights to another fitting station identified by you and agreed by us. The products are usually between 3 to 5 days. Delivery is always dependent on the availability of stock. Once you place an order or pay a visit to us, we will forward you an email informing you of the delivery date of your parcel. And, you will also receive subsequent emails once your order has been dispatched.

We Do NOT deliver products to your door-step. You may pick your order from our shop.


We accept payment by the following three methods: credit card or debit card, cheque, or bank transfer. In some instances, we allow payments via PayPal as well.

If the payment or payments were made via credit card, the amount would be debited on the day when the products are dispatched to your address. For other types of payment, the products will only be dispatched after the amount is refunded. Receipts are issued for all kinds of amounts received by us.  

Refund, Cancellation & Returns

You can also cancel your order after a request for the product has been placed, up till the first day, or the day (one day) before delivery is scheduled to take place. All of the cancellations need to be made via telephone, fax, or email, or you may come to our physical store in 28 Sin Ming Lane #01-140/141 Midview City Singapore 573972.  However, your cancellation order must have some valid reasons.  We will not agree to take the return of any product (battery or tyre) once they are delivered to your desired location. Return of any money for the batteries and the tyres ordered or cancelled are completely within our discretion and based upon our choice. In any instance, if we accept to refund you the money, the refund of payment will be made within seven to ten working days via the payment method you have provided to us when registering. If the details are wrong, there is nothing that we could do. 



We are not liable for any problem in the product, be it a battery or a tyre, which has been caused by your negligence when it came to adding in the details about the address and other essential information. Having said that, we are also not liable or responsible for the damages caused to the product during the shipment process. If it gets damaged during shipment, you are responsible for contacting the courier company. And, if you wish to claim for the damages, you shall do so to us within 48 hours of having received the product, and that too in written form. 

Accuracy of Information

The images and graphics on the websites are reproduced on ‘as-is’ principles, as in just the way they have been provided to us by the manufacturer. The company does not make any representations, pictures, or warranties of its own or any to its accuracy. 




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